The magic of snowy Salkantay – CUSCO – PERU

The snowy Salkantay (Wild Mountain), is one of the highest mountains in the Cusco region, along with the snowy Ausangate in the Vilcanota mountain range which is located further south, this snowy has two types of peaks, which years ago they had some differences between them, but today after the collapse of the Serac to the WEST of the snowy mountain, it shows that both tops are really identical. SALKANTAY TREK INFORMATION

The summit to the WEST is slimmer
While the summit located to the EAST, it is slightly higher when it is crowned by a SERAC (large block of ice fragmented by important cracks in a glacier).
During the way towards the snowy Salkantay, you will be able to witness the excellent flora, among it you will find the famous Orchids that are very beautiful and colorful adorning the landscape.
The snowy Salkantay or Salkantay is a snowy mountain in Peru, located in the Vilcabamba Mountain Range, in the Santa Teresa district, La Convencion province, Cusco Department. This beautiful snow-capped mountain rises to 6264 m. n. m.


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