Waqrapukara is declared a National Cultural Heritage

Waqrapukara is a new tourist attraction that remains almost unknown until today. The tour is suitable for those seeking a spirituality that is drowned in the sea of ​​commercial tours. Waqrapukara is a pre-Inca archaeological complex located in the Acomayo province within the Cusco region, near the Apurímac River. The main construction is located on platforms, squares and a so-called «Bosque de Piedras». From its height of 4,140 meters above sea level, it offers spectacular views of the Apurímac River and the Andes.


Its name comes from Quechua, “waqra” means horn, while “pukara” means fortress. Therefore, the meaning of the name translates as a “horned fortress” given by its typical form. However, the locals also called it “Llamapukara”, as they claim that the shape does not represent horns, but ears of a lama.

It was built by the pre-Inca Qanchis culture in the period called “Auqaruna” (1,500 BC – 1,000 BC). During this period, the complex was a city called “Llaqta Pukara” and home to a leader of the Yankees. It also served as an astronomical observatory and sanctuary for the god “Teqci Pachakamaq Wiraqocha” (a creator of all created things). Subsequently, it was conquered by the Incas, who have molded the buildings to geography during the reign of Wayna Qhapaq. Then it became a first-class Inca sanctuary that symbolizes an immense political and religious power that has not yet been confused. In 2017, the complex was declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation by the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

Waqrapukara Archaeological Complex. Cultural Heritage of the Nation of 2017.

It was built by the Qinchas and later conquered by the Incas. The building is located on platforms, squares and a stone forest, it would be an Inca sanctuary. Waqrapukara has a privileged view of the Apurímac River.

Waqrapucara details

  1. Maximum Altitude: 4,140 meters / 13,580 feet
  2. Minimum Altitude: 3,096 meters / 10,157 feet
  3. Duration of the walk: 6 hours
  4. Trekking distance: 15 km / 9.3 miles
  5. Difficulty: Moderate
  6. Weather: Cold

Waqrapukara is the archaeological monument located in Acos, Acomayo province in Cuzco, which has been declared a National Cultural Heritage by the Vice Minister of Cultural Property. This Inca monument is located on the slopes of Mount Kenter, has a privileged view of the Apurímac River and has two groups of buildings.

The first group is located at the top, in the middle of a rocky dam, where you can see two enclosures separated by a wide central space. The enclosures have halls, ornamental niches and doors with double jambs; its architecture seems to be similar to that of other ceremonial buildings.

The second enclosure is located at the bottom, and has 8 platforms 153 meters long and 1.80 meters high, which correspond to the topography of the terrain.

Some inhabitants of Acos also call it Llamapukara; and although its origins go back to pre-Inca times, its foundations were built by the Q’anchi, and the Inca construction was built during the sovereign period of the Tahuantinsuyo Wayna Qhapaq. MORE CUSCO TOURS.


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