he Cusco region, being one of the most recognized destinations, has an indigenous cuisine due to the use of protein-rich products from the area such as: corn, different meats such as alpaca, guinea pig, lamb, pork, etc.


The essence of culinary miscegenation has made the Cusco cuisine well positioned before our visitors.

“Chiri Uchu” This name comes from the union of two Quechua words: Chiri which means “COLD” and Uchu which means “AJI” so we can understand what it is: Aji (or spicy) cold, this is the flag dish of the region of Cusco in the celebration of Corpus Christi.


The chronicles of Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa, who in 1572 spoke of the “strange” combinations of ingredients that the ancient Peruvians made in the kitchen, suggest that this stew has an Inca origin; especially of the chaskis (young athletes who traveled from one place to another carrying certain messages), since they carried their food in their ch’uspa (purse) and therefore tended to eat it cold.

It is also presumed that he was born of the Aynis (Reciprocal Work System among family members), since at the end of the work day each Ayllu (Family Community) shared the best of his meal with others, thus forming a mixture of foods.

With the arrival of the Spaniards, customs and traditions were replaced with religious traditions, just one of them was the “Corpus Christi”, a Catholic holiday that brings together patron saints and virgins of all the parishes of the city; This is how Chiri Uchu becomes part of the European fusion with Andean traditions.


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