Rainbow Mountain useful information

The mountain of the seven colors (VINICUNCA) is one of the most majestic attractions present on the way to the apu AUSANGATE, it is said to be a place that demonstrates a new opportunity for everyone who visits, this belief has its beginning in the saying “if you want to see the rainbow you have to face the storm” which teaches us that there is always a reward for our efforts as well as a new opportunity.

It is listed by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine as one of the 100 places that you must visit before you die, do not miss the opportunity to be part of this wonderful place because in the end life is a wonderful adventure that begins when one really wants.

What is Rainbow Mountain

The Mountain of Colors, is also known as Rainbow Mountain, Cerro Colorado, or famously in English as Rainbow Mountain has become in recent years one of the main tourist attractions of Cusco and Peru.

This is a geographical accident belonging to the snowy Ausangate in the Vilcanota mountain range, it is the fifth mountain in Peru, it is more than 100km away from the imperial city of Cusco and it has its highest point at about 6300 masl. approx.

Its coloration is natural and this due to the large amount of sedimentary stones in erosion, what makes it so beautiful and impressive is how these stones are formed to give it the appearance of a rainbow (7 colors). The red, purple, pink, green yellow colors stand out among others.

Vinicunca (winicunca) means “mountain of colors” in Quechua (simi rune).

How to get to Rainbow Mountain

The 7 Colors Mountain is located in a small town called Pitumarca, Quipicanchis Quispicanchi province, Cusco.

To get there you must first board a car from the city of Cusco, bound for Pitumarca (approx 02 km), after 03 hrs of travel you have to take a gauge route you must reach the rural community of pampa Chiri. Then you must walk 5km towards the mountain (you can also use horses). It is recommended to bring snacks, water and energizers.

Already in this part of the road you will be able to appreciate the beauties of the valley as small lagoons, streams among others, with the passing of a short time, you will be able to appreciate how everything is changing, the colors of the Rainbow Mountain appear, thus generating a very surreal area.

Finally they will reach approx. 5033 masl which is the top of the Mountain of Seven Colors from where you can take photos and videos.


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