Origin of the Rainbow Mountain – Ausangate

Without a doubt this is a question that many would like to clarify, thanks to the great consultation of our travelers we decided to carry out an investigation to keep them much more informed:

In order to understand how the colorful mountain was formed we must first understand how mountains are formed, for this we resort to geology and orogeny and thus have a much clearer and of course scientific idea.


The mountain ranges of the hand of their mountains are formed by collisions or collisions of different tectonic plates as these cannot advance horizontally when impacting they do it vertically forming mountain ranges and mountains and other geographic features, but this formation not only involves agents Endogenous like these collisions, but also exogenous like the vast majority of meteorological phenomena (rain, hail, snow, winds) these make the mountains maintain over time and have their particular pyramidal shape.

But Vinicunca‘s formation is much older than we think.
For this we go back in time and go back approximately 24 million years ago, back then, different layers of rock sediments such as sandstones, halites, gravels, limestone ranging from ocher, green, yellow and white along with others minerals, were compacted one on top of the other to form different layers as plasticine masses, one on top of another according to the weight of each layer; the heaviest at the bottom and the others above them.

As time passed with the movement and collision of the tectonic plates, new mountains were born, as we explained previously, these pressed colored masses rose while maintaining these typical colors.
However, the meteorological factors were in charge of preserving them and above all of keeping it in total splendor and of course respecting its typical colors equally.
And not only that, it also influences the altitude since this place is located at approximately 5000 meters above sea level. it makes the vegetation scarce to the point that almost nothing grows, if there were vegetation this great colorful wonder could not be visible.
So we add to this that not only endogenous and exogenous factors but also geographic factors such as altitude intervene.
All this is a set of curious mixtures typical of our nature because only it could give us curious landscapes that often escape from our own imagination.


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