Inca Bridge of Q’eswachaka

“The Spaniards, upon arrival in the territory of Tawantinsuyo, were amazed and surprised to find themselves in front of a vast network of Inca roads and within them the quality and variety of the bridges. Special mention was given to the suspension bridges made of vegetable fiber or straw that caused not only admiration but also a deserved recognition of the technology used. This admiration caused that throughout the history diverse chroniclers and travelers describe with enthusiasm the Inca work of the straw suspension bridges. The admirable thing is that tradition has kept this ancient technology together with its rituals and the community work system that make it possible for us to have the joy of observing after more than 500 years the validity of the intangible culture of the Incas until I presented”. The Inca bridge is located in the peasant community of Huinchiri, in the district of Quehue, province of Canas, Cusco Region.


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