Lares Valley tourist attraction of Cusco

When you go to the Lares Trek Valley, you are impressed because this trip is very beautiful for the eyes, due to its mountains, its landscape, its ravines, its spectacular sky, the people and their clothes, particularly one is amazed.

The Lares Valley is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, on the way to Machu Picchu, making a detour in the town of Calca to undertake the trip to the Lares Valley, in Calca one can make a stop to buy supplies, with water , cookies and fruit, you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast in the main market of the town of Calca, it is advisable to leave early

Lares has allowed maintaining the nuance of its Andean people although it is located not far from the Sacred Valley, this valley is very pleasant to walk, experiential tourism, and take a dip in its hot springs as well as the bathrooms Hot springs of Machu Picchu, if one does the Lares trekking it is usually 4 days, including Machupicchu this is the most common that travelers do.

The thermal baths in the valley of Lares, said baths have a separate mention since the one that goes to Lares goes to the thermal baths, I am baths are medicinal and relaxing and are characterized by their color and their smell, the color of yellowish color and a smell of sulfur since these waters probably come from some volcano, particularly it is not known exactly where they come from, Lares thermal baths are very hygienic and are contained in pools made of very well treated stones these pools are cleaned daily and maintain a cleanliness at the height of the visitor.


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