Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru, with its 6384 meters high, located in the Pitumarca district, Canchis province, Cusco region, in southern Peru; Ausangate is considered the most important mountain in the Andean worldview.

The “Apu” Ausangate is for the Andean culture, life giver and guardian of one of the most varied ecosystems in the world; Its name means “copper” in Quechua. When you are on this mountain, remember that it is sacred to local people; In fact, many of the nearby Andean communities still have pilgrimage dates to the top of the mountain. As the community of Chillca; of shepherds of llamas and alpacas, which have inherited Inca and pre-Inca cultural traditions. It is possible to share the daily life of the shepherds and work with the llamas.


Climate change has discovered the multicolored beauty of these mountains located in the Vilcanota, Vinicunca or Winicunca mountain range, also called Seven Color Mountain, Rainbow Mountain or Mountain of Colors (the inhabitants call it Cerro Colorado) is a mountain of Peru with a altitude of 5,200 meters above sea level and owes its incredible coloration to the richness of minerals that houses its soil, the Winikunka mountains are behind the imposing snowy Ausangate.

A walk through these parts constitutes a very special experience, combining the fact of being at such levels with the enjoyment of an outdoor activity and the contemplation of a visual wonder.

Leaving the city of Cusco, you drive along the Longitudinal race of the Peruvian Sierra del Sur in the direction of the town of Checacupe where you take the fork towards the town of Pitumarca, and from this town you travel the journey through a carrosable trail passing through several rural communities such as Ocefina, Japura, Hanchipacha, until arriving at the community of Pampa Chiri, where the road ends and the 5km walk begins approximately until the Vinincunca pass. where you can see the Natural Formation in the shape of a Rainbow, considered the Mountain of Colors.


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