Cusco Q’ueswachaka Suspension Bridge

The Suspension Bridge in Cusco declared universal heritage, also known as the bridge of the Inca Queswachaca; It is one of the most impressive legacies that can be seen these days, know this suspension bridge in Cusco, where the inhabitants still maintain and renew every year.

Empire of the Incas, fulfilled a very important function of unique cocexion with the other end even until the arrival of the Spaniards where the Queswachaca Bridge had resistance to pass a whole group of Spanish battalions.

More Information: Queswachaka tour

Hanging Bridge Cusco or Q’ueswachaka It comes from the Quechua word means Q’ueswa = Braid, Chaka = Bridge, the bridge is located above the Apurimac river, which is 15 meters high, the Q’ueswachaka bridge belonged to the network vial del (Q’apac Ñan), which is located on the route of the South Valley.

Our staff will be happy to help you complete your visit to this beautiful place, on our tour, we will also visit the 4 lagoons of Pomacanchi, Acopia, Asnapcocha, Pampamarca, our guide will make a detailed explanation of the importance of these places.

Therefore, if you are in Cusco do not hesitate to visit, the Q’ueswachaka Bridge 2019, it will be a great experience of all your trips.


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