Pick-up times in Lodgings:
• Private Transportation: 06:00 A.M.
• Shared Transportation: 03:00 A.M – 4:00 A.M.
Our pickups start from 06:00 a.m. (private transport) or 03:00 to 04:00 (shared), depending on the service contracted from their respective lodgings, to direct us to Urcos, bordering the Vilcanota river to reach our destination that will be the community of Quesiuno (3 hours by car) where we will receive our breakfast in the camp, after that we will travel about 20 min. more by car to start our journey through a part of the Andes, observing the wonderful Apu Ausangate on your side, after a 3 hour walk, we will go to our base camp, located in the hampa community, where they will receive your dinner and small information for the next day.


In the morning (06:00 am) we will start preparing for our breakfast at 07:00 am, after that we will start our hike to the 7 lagoons of Ausangate (4 hours approx.), Where you can observe the existing biodiversity in the place and in addition to those appreciate these beautiful turquoise lagoons, we will do one for about 1 to 2 hours to receive lunch and then we start our trekking to the town of “PACCHANTA” (2 hrs.). The community of “PACCHANTA” is located on the slopes of the snowy “Ausangate”, at 4200 masl. Its inhabitants, who are dedicated to the raising of alpacas and the cultivation of native tubers, are all expert weavers. With the fiber of the alpaca they make their clothing and use their meat as a source of protein. Native potatoes, fresh or traditionally converted into chuño and moraya, provide the carbohydrates they need to fight against cold and physical exertion.
Here is where we will set up our camp and then you can enjoy some refreshing and replenishing thermal baths located in the same community. Dinner, rest and small information for the next day.


In the morning (06:00 a.m.) we will begin to prepare for our breakfast at 07:00 a.m., to begin our journey in the middle of mountains and colors towards the town of Upis (2 hrs and a half), where we will receive our lunch. During the journey we can see different types of turquoise lagoons in the middle of these wonderful mountains, such as: “Azul cocha, Puccacocha and Ccomercocha”, after 3 hours walking and enjoying the scenery, we will arrive at a beautiful lagoon called Yanacocha, in which our camp will be located. Dinner, rest and small information for the next day.


Our fourth day will start early (06:00 a.m.), to prepare for our nutritious breakfast at 07:00 a.m., and start saying goodbye to this wonderful lagoon. We will walk approximately 5 hours to reach the town of Ananta, where you will have the afternoon free to share and explore the surroundings of this beautiful landscape, since our camp will be in this same place. Dinner, rest and small information for the next day.


Very early in the morning (05:00 AM) we will get up and prepare for our nutritious breakfast (06:00 AM) and begin our adventure towards the wonderful “RAINBOW MOUNTAIN”, step of 5,029 meters above sea level, where you can see beautiful landscapes , lagoons where South American camelids (alpacas, llamas and vicuñas) and other species of mammals such as pumas, Andean birds, condor etc. live. The place called Montaña VININCUNCA, is where you can see the wonderful colorado hill with the sunrise shows its best impressive valley and colored hills of magical colors that only exists in this place in Peru. Around you can see mountains like Apu Sarinini and “Montaña Ausangate”, with a height of 6,372 m.s.n.m. being one of the highest in Cusco. In the Inca mythology of this mountain and the nearby lakes – among which Sivinacocha stands out, from where the masculine energy that fertilizes the sacred earth mother Pachamama is born. We will be visiting the Mountain of Colors approximately 30 minutes, in which our guide will give us a small explanation of their surroundings and take some pictures of this wonderful landscape. After this wonderful experience, we will begin our descent (2 hrs and 30 min approximately) to the town of quesiuno, observing the wonderful landscape it offers us and the small towns that are there and live in this wonderful valley, upon arrival we will receive our exquisite lunch buffet, which consists of typical Peruvian food, then pack and return to Cusco around 19:00 hrs. approximately.


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