In the morning we will pick you up from your hotel from 6:00 am to when we have finished, we will start the trip to the south of Cusco, following the route of Puno or Ruta del Sol, where we will take a detour to the town of Pomachanchis, where we will find the first lagoon very beautiful and the size of the valley of Cusco or city of Cusco, after you can take some pictures and appreciate the landscape we will go to take our snack that will bridara by the travel agency, then continue and visit the second lagoon just 10 minutes from the previous one, we will find the second lagoon and later we will find the third lagoon called mosoqllacta and finally we will go through the last called pampamarca. The characteristic of each lagoon is that it has towns along the coast where local people take advantage of fish consumption.
After visiting the four lagoons or circuit of the lagoons we will go to the province of yanaoca where the district of qewe and Inca bridge is, transporting us for 2 hours more we will arrive at our main destination called queshucahca or called Inca bridge, which We will have a considered time to take pictures and try to pass the bridge made of Andean straw or called ichu. Then we will have to rethrush to the designated camp to have lunch and then return to Cusco in the afternoon at approximately 6:00 p.m.

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