We have the best hiking and adventure tours to Machu Picchu and around Cusco.

All of our trips are designed so that you have fun with 100% safety, travel with confidence.

We have the policy of providing quality services according to the request of our customers.

AMERIKA TOURS PERU” welcomes you. We have for you private and group tours. Our main goal is to always provide quality service, so customer satisfaction is our best reward.
AMERIKA TOURS PERU, offers you various treks, hikes, tours and holidays in Cusco which include the Classic Inca Trail as well as several alternative treks. For details see Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and Alternative Inca Treks around Cusco. Also available other tours in different parts of Cusco, how Choquequirao y Ausangate.
Be the first tour company local, national and internationally recognized for excellence in the provision of tourist services and in meeting the needs of our customers and prospects.
Provide excellent travel service with reliability, responsibility, punctuality and safety.

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